Soon: BIG3 Combine & Draft and Young3 Camp

Monday, April 22, 2019 4:04 PM | CBN

Soon: BIG3 Combine & Draft and Young3 Camp

Here we go… We are just a week away from the BIG3 Combine and draft! Both events will be going down in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last years’ combine and draft took place in Southern California, with the combine in Santa Monica and the Draft in Los Angeles.

The BIG3 Combine will be held on April 30th. It’s a fun event where all players in the draft pool will participate in drills and scrimmages to showcase their 3 on 3 skills in hopes of being drafted. More spots are up for grabs as four new teams have entered the league. Those being: Aliens, Bivouac, Enemies, and Triplets. The Combine is so important for these four teams, it’s your first chance to evaluate the available talent in the 3 on 3 scene. I’m very eager to see who balls out at the Combine and improves their draft stock.

After the BIG3 Combine there will be a Young3 camp held at a basketball training facility which is coincidentally named… The Combine. The address for The Combine is: 7260 Dean Martin Dr Suite 800 Las Vegas, Nevada 89139. The camp is held every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but since the BIG3 is in town, we’ll be holding one next Tuesday after the BIG3 Combine. Bring your kid(s) by and let them learn basketball from some of the best basketball minds in the business! If you are curious as to what The Combine training facility is and what’s so great about it, I’ll link this article which speaks upon all the great features of The Combine. There are so many great, advanced features here that will help bring out the very best in your kids basketball game!

Just one day after the BIG3 Combine, rosters will be filled out as the Draft will commence. Drafts are one of the most fun events in every sport and the BIG3 Draft should be no different. Basketball legends are going to be selected to play with other legends in their sport, future hall of famers teaming up with each other? Maybe! This is a good chance for fans of basketball and the BIG3 to be introduced to the four new expansions teams. A chance to figure out which of these new teams you’ll look forward to cheering for or against! The date for the draft is May 1st!


I look forward to reporting how the Combine and Draft went in addition to our Young3 camp!



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