NBA Legends, Shooting for Peace Launch 306 African-American History Program

May 23, 2018 | EVERFI

In honor of African-American History Month and the 2018 NBA All-Star game, Jerome Williams, National Basketball Retired Players Association Chapter Members, the Fathers and Men of Professional Basketball Players, and EVERFI Inc., launched the 306 – African-American HistoryTM program, an interactive, web-based African-American history course designed to build shared values and inspire today’s youth to become leaders.

The online program allows students to partake in a journey through this ever-important history. They learn about the incredible contributions that African-Americans have made in every fabric of American life, including public service, the sciences, academia, and the world of the arts, music, and sports. The course is truly framed to teach the importance of civic engagement which in turn, helps students develop into future community leaders.

Thursday, February 15th, Jerome Williams, NBRPA Chapter Members, Fathers and Men of Professional Basketball Players, and Allan Houston Legacy Foundation visited students at Manual Arts High school to celebrate their commitment to bringing 306 – African American HistoryTM and the NBRPA Chapters Legends Shooting for Peace program to schools across several markets in the United States, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Detroit, New York and Las Vegas.

The Legends Shooting for Peace 306 program has impacted several thousands of students with this African-American History digital resource and rewarded certified students with scholarships to Historically black colleges and universities based on GPAs.<

“EVERFI’s 306 – African American History course is a vital link to improving cultural relations in the United States of America,” Williams said. “As an adult, I can clearly see the advantages of having a course that gives youth insight into history that families can discuss at home to further gain confidence in their children’s goals.”

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