Why The Big3 League Will Improve This Year

6.6.2018  |  Liam Blutman

When Ice Cube created the Big3 League back in January 2017, it peaked many individuals interest and was pretty fun to watch. One thing many of us enjoyed was the 4-point shot. There are three circles on the court which are 30 feet away from the basket, when your foot is touching any part of the circle and you make a shot that’s 4 points. The 4-point shot is also utilized to determine who gets the ball first as teams go back and forth shooting 4-pointers until somebody makes one, whoever makes it first gets ball first. Many fans of the NBA constantly complain about the excessive timeouts and how long they take, well in the Big3 each team only gets two timeouts a half and halftime happens once a team reaches the 25 point mark. The shot clock is set at 14 seconds which also makes the games go by relatively quick.

So why will the Big3 improve in 2018? Games will no longer be on tape delay like last season. All games will be live on Fox and Fox Sports 1 announced by the one and only Gus Johnson. We will also see new players including Amar’e Stoudemire, Nate Robinson, Metta World Peace, and Baron Davis among many others. Baron Davis will play for 3’s Company which is coached by Allen Iverson, how can you not love that. I’m really looking forward to watching Nate Robinson play for Tri-State after lengthy NBA career which featured 3 dunk contest titles. In a Pro-Am game with Jamal Crawford last year Nate had 37 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists. I’m sure he’ll kill it in the Big3 as well. Another reason I believe the Big3 will take a step forward this season stems from an issue in the NBA. Everybody knows the NBA lacks parity, fans are tired of seeing the same teams compete for the finals year after year. Yet here we go again, Cavs/Warriors for the 4th year in a row. Last season the Trilogy went undefeated and won the championship, I promise you they won’t maul through everybody again like that. All other teams improved while the Trilogy kept the same cast. I love that they stuck with the same team who just went undefeated, show us you can do it again unlike the NBA where they’d have added a superstar who’s hungry for a ring so they can walk all over the league to an easy title. Competition is key and the Big3 has that.

Ice Cube is committed to making this league elite and I know his league will thrive in season 2 after a rocky season 1 which was still successful. As the Big3 becomes more and more popular I can see more teams created, more players show interest in joining the league, and I know there’ll be a global interest here.

Liam Blutman is a first-year student at Santa Monica College bringing a series of articles and editorials about collegiate athletics and young athletes in professional sports. A natural Bruins/Angels fan and solid sports gamer, look for more content coming soon and follow Liam on twitter. It's a pleasure to have him join our writing team.

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