Early Impact of Young3

July 5, 2018 | CBN

Young3 with NBA legends

It’s truly amazing how fast the Young3 was out there helping kids out and giving back to the community. Most leagues take years or decades to put these kinds of organizations together. The Big3 and Young3 have partnered with Adidas to make all these events happen. The events include, a basketball clinic, 3 on 3 tournament, block party with food, games, music, and the chance to be taught by numerous basketball legends thanks to Shooting for Peace. Shooting for Peace is a program created by Jerome Williams which seeks to bring communities together, encourage young people to engage in sports, and inspire the youth to unite and reach their greatest potential. The Young3 and Big3 team up to give the kids at these camps free tickets to Big3 games just for participating in the clinic! Jerome Williams, president of the Young3 stated that he, “Will do all he can to accommodate all these organizations striving for peace in our neighborhoods.” The communities of Houston and Chicago have been touched these last two weeks and next week the Young3 reaches out to Oakland.

Jerome is actively looking for Big3 players to step up and make an impact in the community so when Quentin Richardson of the Power volunteered, Jerome was thrilled. “Q-Rich is a tremendous ambassador for his community. Through collaborations with different organizations looking to motivate kids through sports, the Big3 has former NBA legends eager to give back to fans that gave them so much during their basketball journey.” Williams said. Quentin attended a non-profit organization called PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) which was founded by Reverend Jesse Jackson. Quentin was blown away, “I was amazed with the young people I encountered at operation PUSH today. The work being done is amazing, the kids are being taught coding and how to build and control robots. Teaching them early and developing computer skills and abilities to work in the tech world early on in life is awesome!” I completely agree with Mr. Richardson here as we live in a society where technology is rapidly growing and becoming so important in our everyday lives. To start learning about technology at such a young age can really propel these kids to great careers down the road, some of these kids were just four years old! Reverend Jesse Jackson was so thankful for Quentin coming down to visit PUSH headquarters. Jesse proceeded to say, “We look forward to building our collaboration with Big3 basketball and Shooting for Peace, so we can “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” together through sports, technology, education, community engagement, and social impact.

With all this being said, I believe that the Big3 with the help of the Young3 has the power to inspire the next generation. You can’t tell me a kid wouldn’t be inspired after Clyde Drexler talks to him/her for five minutes. Or Jerome Williams teaches them about giving back to the community and how good it feels to be using his platform in such a positive way. These things can and will inspire young kids to be the best they possibly can so they can accomplish their goals and help the next generation of kids like Clyde and Jerome did for them.

Putting a smile on these young kids faces and preparing them for great opportunities in life is the best thing you can do, the Young3 and Big3 are cooking up something great here and it’s going to impact so many kids lives in a positive way.


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