Young3 in Toronto, Canada

July 30, 2018 | CBN

Young3 Group photo with all participants

The Young3 went international with a trip north of the border to the great city of Toronto, Canada. As per usual the turnout was great and the kids had such a blast the entire today as they participated in the basketball clinic and the 3 on 3 tournament. The event was graciously hosted by the folks at Rockcliffe Middle School and I would have to say this was one of the most fun Young3 events we’ve had to date.

Big3 players, Corey Maggette and Josh Childress were out there supporting the children as they signed autographs, hi-fived them and watched them play competitive 3 on 3 games. As always, the President of the Young3 and former Toronto Raptor and hometown favorite, Jerome Williams educated the youth with great basketball knowledge as well as signing autographs, taking pictures, making jokes and had people smiling the whole day. Desmon Farmer and Erin Thorn were also in Toronto coaching up the kids as well as sharing with them life goals. In addition to all these basketball studs, Big3 Commissioner Clyde Drexler was in the house as per usual. Like Jerome, he signed autographs for every single kid and their faces instantly lit up after receiving an autograph from Clyde as well as spending a few minutes up close with him. Nate Robinson of Tri-State told me the following: “These are the next batch of kids, how are you guys going to revamp and reshape the world and how are you guys going to pay it forward. We are trying to do ours by showing up and showing the love and appreciation that the kids show us by being fans. Without the kids and the fans we’re nothing. Just as much as they all need us, we need them too.” You can see Nate is very interested in the lives of these young boys and girls and wants them to succeed. It was nice of him to applaud our efforts and he hopes that these efforts are great enough to impact the youth’s lives positively and have them doing great charity work when they grow up. Giving back is always what it’s all about.

Big3 Mascot posing with young participant

Other activities during this awesome day included a pizza food truck, which we can assume was pretty good as numerous kids went back for seconds and thirds and even fourths. Many of the people in attendance were enjoying the music and dancing while others played tag outside when they weren’t putting up shots on the court.

Participants taking pictures with Jerome Williams after young3 event.

Clearly, it was a very positive day at Rockcliffe Middle School in Toronto and the Young3 made a hockey city super excited about basketball. Everybody was elated and smiles didn’t seem to fade even after the event concluded. Each participant in the Young3 were given tickets to the Big3 games Friday at Scotiabank Arena as the fun and giving just never stops with the Young3.


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