Discover the Power of Infrared Light Therapy for Back Pain and Other Sports Injuries

This restorative light really does the most.

Infrared light therapy for back pain, Las Vegas

Many basketball players and athletes in general experience back pain, or back sprains from time to time - among many other types of injuries that can occur in sports. But the modern athlete doesn’t need to suffer from chronic back pain when the appropriate treatment method or plan is applied.

One treatment method in particular is very effective for providing pain relief and healing for injured or sore back muscles: infrared light therapy.

Let’s explore what makes infrared therapy so special:

Infrared light therapy is a technique that utilizes light to treat both acute and chronic pain conditions. This therapy uses particular wavelengths of light that are delivered to injured or damaged areas of the body, and is absorbed by the photoreceptors that exist in cells.

Our skin actually radiates infrared heat one the daily, as a natural process. Contrary to ultraviolet light which actually can damage the body’s valuable tissues and cells, infrared light aids in cell regeneration and repair - with an ability to penetrate deep below the skin’s layers.

In fact, infrared light penetrates around 2-7cm deep into the tissues, making its way to the muscles, the nerves, and get this - even the bones.

Because of its ability to penetrate so deeply below the skin, it plays an excellent role in boosting circulation of oxygen-rich blood, promoting quick and effective pain relief and a speedier recovery.

How can I use infrared light for my pain condition or next injury?

Fortunately today, infrared light technology isn’t hard to come by. For example, offering some of the most advanced in physical therapy in Las Vegas, Game Changers Sports Recovery’s Theralight 360 Laser Bed is one system that uses infrared light to aid in the quick pain relief and recovery of today’s pro and non-pro athletes - for a wide range of injuries beyond just back pain or sprains.

And what’s more: only ten minutes is all that’s required inn a Theralight bed to kick-start the process of total cell rejuvenation of the entire body.

Athletes: Take advantage of Infrared Light Therapy today

A safe, effective and fast-acting technique for pain relief and body recovery, infrared light technology is an excellent choice of treatment for athletes today, or for just about anyone suffering acute or chronic pain conditions.

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