The Importance of Sports Rehabilitation and Circulation for Athletes in Las Vegas (and Everywhere)

Athletes: Let’s talk about blood flow.

With any sports activity, including basketball, injuries are quite common. Pro basketball players in particular are susceptible to injury due to the nature of the sport, and what it requires the body to do.

But the good news is, recovery from such injuries can be made simple and effective when the right rehabilitative strategies are applied - and this includes a particular focus on blood flow and circulation.

The cardiovascular system works by delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to all of the cells in the body, which is critical to the health of our muscles and the recovery process. So when this special delivery to the cells is slowed down, so is recovery.

That being said, let’s go over four top ways that athletes can improve their blood circulation during downtime to recover more quickly from injury:

1. Choose foods known to boost blood circulation

Did you know that some foods are better than others at promoting circulation in the body? It’s true - so use it to your advantage! Circulation-boosting foods and spices include salmon, avocados, gogi berries, ginger garlic, ginger root, citrus fruits, cayenne pepper and turmeric.

2. Up your water intake

The blood contains something called plasma, which is mainly comprised of water. When a person is dehydrated or not consuming as much water as they should, the plasma becomes thicker and blood flow slows down. Always remember to get that h2O in to ensure good circulation and a speedier recovery.

3. Get a massage

Regular massages help to effectively move and re-direct blood through areas of congestion, leading to improved blood flow and quicker healing. (And they also feel great).

4. Recover with the help of a sports rehabilitation system

Today, both pro and non-pro athletes can take advantage of recovery systems designed for quick and effective healing from sports injuries.

This includes the most advanced in physical therapy in Las Vegas: Game Changers Sports Recovery’s Rapid Reboots treatment, which is deigned to help increase blood circulation and restore health and vitality to the muscles wherever the device is worn (typically the legs, arms, and/or hips).

When in doubt, keep the blood flowing

We hope these 4 tips for better circulation will play a role in helping you recover more quickly from your next basketball injury!

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