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What Athletes Should Know about Cold Compression Therapy

The power is in the combination.

Today, athletes suffering from injuries can recover much more efficiently, and with far less suffering due to the range of sports recovery techniques available to them. For example, we’ve previously discussed the many benefits of red light therapy when it comes to injury recovery (and beyond!).

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Here’s What Athletes Should Know about Infrared Light Therapy

This popular treatment method goes beyond just muscle recovery.

Red light therapy, or infrared light therapy has been gaining traction in the sports community - and for good reason. Red light therapy uses light to aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain conditions, making it ideal for the today’s injured athlete.

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Here’s Why Today’s Athletes Are Taking Advantage of Red Light Therapy

The magic is in the red light.

Today’s athletes are swearing by a particular treatment method capable of providing total body healing from sports injuries, in addition to quick and effective relief from pain. That treatment method goes by the name of red light therapy, or alternatively, infrared light therapy.

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Discover the Power of Infrared Light Therapy for Back Pain and Other Sports Injuries

This restorative light really does the most.

Many basketball players and athletes in general experience back pain, or back sprains from time to time - among many other types of injuries that can occur in sports. But the modern athlete doesn’t need to suffer from chronic back pain when the appropriate treatment method or plan is applied.

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Las Vegas Athletes Rank This as a Top Recovery Treatment for Deep Thigh Injuries

Injured your thigh? Start resting, icing, compressing and elevating - and then, follow that with some laser therapy magic.

One of the most common injuries basketball players suffer are deep thigh (contusion) injuries. This type of injury often occurs when the thigh muscles are accidentally directly hit by an elbow or knee, or can be caused through a sudden movement through sprinting or jumping.

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The Difference Between Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy in Las Vegas

So, you’re an athlete who got badly injured. Now what’s your next step?

After promptly applying the R.I.C.E protocol, this is the question you should be asking. Does your particular injury necessitate physiotherapy, or sports therapy for a proper recovery?

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What Athletes Should Know about Hamstring Strain Recovery

Sprained your hamstring? Before anything else, it’s time to R.I.C.E

This common injury generally occurs while an athlete is jumping, running or sprinting while taking large steps - which can cause the muscles to pull or stretch too far and too abruptly, oftentimes resulting in a painful tear. Hamstring muscles that aren’t sufficiently flexible are especially prone to this type of injury.

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What Las Vegas Athletes Should Know about Knee Injuries and Rehabilitation

Here are the three grades of knee sprains, and how to deal with each.

Knee injuries are one of the most common types of injuries that athletes suffer - especially in the game of basketball. A knee injury can affect any of the major knee ligaments, including the ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL and coronary ligament.

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The Four Key Stages of Sports Rehabilitation

What every athlete should know for the best recovery possible

Any injured athlete knows the importance of rehabilitation to not only make a full recovery and be able to return to the sport they love, but to also reduce pain and discomfort along the way.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Proper Sports Recovery is Critical for Injured Las Vegas Athletes

Have you been taking your recovery process seriously enough?

With any sport, injuries are bound to occur from time to time. As much as an athlete may try their best to avoid an accident or injury at all costs, it unfortunately isn’t possible to prevent entirely.

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Las Vegas Athletes are Using This to Help Recover In Time for Their Next Game

Let’s talk about these 4 top benefits of laser therapy

Laser therapy has become an increasingly popular method of muscle tissue recovery from basketball injuries and other sports alike - and there’s no question as to why this is.

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The Importance of Sports Rehabilitation and Circulation for Athletes in Las Vegas

When it comes to recovery, your muscles come first.

We have our experts share why circulation is important for recovery while training.

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5 Tips from your Injury Recovery Experts in Las Vegas

When it comes to recovery, your muscles come first.

Our Athletic Experts share 5 huge tips that can help you own your way to recovery from injury.

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The 4 Most Common Basketball Injuries that Athletes Suffer

Have you ever experienced any of these?

Did you know that basketball athletes can suffer an average of anywhere from 6-14 injuries for every 1000 hours of the game they play?

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Some of the Utmost Worst Basketball Injuries in NBA History

These injuries are even painful to imagine.

In the NBA, basketball injuries are very common. We see top athletes getting hurt in the game all the time, but it unfortunately always has been and always will be a part of the sport.

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How do Basketball Players Recover from Ankle Injuries?

Ankle injuries are very common in the NBA.

We go in depth to learn what methods basketball players use to recover from some of the more common ankle injuries in the NBA.

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How Does Cold Compression Therapy Work to Help Athletes Recover From Basketball Injuries?

Cold compression therapy is a common solution to help athletes recover. But how does it work?

Champions Basketball Network helps you understand how cold compression therapy works and how it helps athletes recover from some of the most common injuries.

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