Here’s Why Today’s Athletes Are Taking Advantage of Red Light Therapy

The magic is in the red light.

Red Light Therapy for Athletes have a lot of benefits

Today’s athletes are swearing by a particular treatment method capable of providing total body healing from sports injuries, in addition to quick and effective relief from pain. That treatment method goes by the name of red light therapy, or alternatively, infrared light therapy.

Let’s talk about what makes red light therapy so effective:

Red light light therapy, or infrared light therapy is a technique that utilizes light to treat both acute and chronic pain conditions, making it perfect for the modern injured athlete.

Essentially, a treatment session with red light therapy helps the mitochondria present in muscular cells complete their natural respiration cycle more efficiently. Boosting the mitochondrial respiration cycle leads to improved activation and formation of the muscle’s stem cells that ultimately transform into healthy muscle tissue, which can serve as a long-term method of muscle recovery for athletes.

In addition to this improvement of the respiration cycle in the body, red light therapy also reduces the inflammation responsible for damaging the cells and causing muscle soreness. Oh, and even more good news: red light therapy has been shown to aid in muscle growth as well - a big bonus.

A study published in the journal Laser Therapy concluded that“ LED phototherapy significantly and safely reduced the RTP in dedicated university athletes over a wide range of injuries with no adverse events.”

Red light therapy promotes cell regeneration and repair so effectively due to its ability to penetrate so deeply below the skin’s tissues and layers - around 2-7cm deep, to be exact. This means it’s capable of reaching not only the muscles and the nerves, but even the bones. Because of this, red light therapy can significantly boost circulation of oxygen-rich blood, leading to quick and effective pain relief while fostering a speedier recovery for the athlete.

Athletes: Take advantage of Red Light Therapy today

It’s fairly easy for any athlete today to get their hands (or body) on a red light therapy device. For example, offering some of the most advanced in physical therapy in Las Vegas, Game Changers Sports Recovery’s Theralight 360 Laser Bed is one system that uses red light therapy to aid in the quick pain relief and recovery of today’s pro and non-pro athletes, suitable for a wide range of injuries.

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