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Theralight 360 Laser Bed Treatment in Las Vegas

Learn About the Theralight 360 Laser Bed from Game Changer Sports Recovery

Gone are the days where elite recovery treatments like laser beds are only accessible to the pro athletes living affluent and high-budget lifestyles.

Partner of the MBA Media Group, Game Changers Sports Recovery’s Theralight 360 Laser Bed utilizes state-of-the-art technology to promote health and wellness after injuries in basketball or any sport, and is only one of the commercial devices of its kind available in North America.

Now, just about any trainer in need of recovery can take advantage of the Theralight 360 Laser Bed’s incredible speedy healing powers, and it’s all thanks to GCSR. Just ten minutes is all that’s required in one of these beds to begin the process of complete cell rejuvenation of the entire body.

360 Laser Bed Therapy in Las Vegas

In addition to its cell rejuvenation benefits, GCSR’s Theralight 360 Laser Bed is also excellent for increasing circulation, improving muscle performance, aiding in quality sleep and boosting energy levels. With this technology, even a player’s worst sports injury can recover in a shorter duration of time. And through its promotion of health and wellness, this device helps athletes to look and feel younger


Tremmell Darden, Pro Basketball Player, Las Vegas:

“Body recovery is pivotal. If you don’t recover, you’re not gonna be ready to play the next time - and the older you get it’s even more important.

The Laser Bed treatment was awesome. I had a torn hammy - not a major one, a small one, in the biceps femoris. I did the Laser Bed a couple times, and I felt the instant healing - quick, quick! I got back to the court quicker than normal, back to doing what I was doing, loving what I was doing, training and working on my game.

My son also did it as well. He had a [minor groin strain] and it helped him get back as quick as possible as well.

It’s a thorough and accurate way to get yourself back in the court and ready to train and practice and do whatever it is that you need to do.”

Ilsa Martinez, Fitness Instructor, Las Vegas:

“I like to train at least 5 days a week, so the importance of body recovery is really big because it allows my body to restore any of my energy, it helps with repairing any damaged tissue — so it’s really important to rest. … [The Theralight 360 Laser Bed] is definitely something that I want to continue.”


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