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Every player in the NBA brings a particular set of skills to the table (or court). Some are known for their defensive performance - and others for their offensive strategies. Some have impeccable shooting - while others reign supreme as centers. And of course, we can’t forget about the amazing coaches who have helped lead their teams to championships.

With that being said, these top players and coaches deserve recognition for what they do best. That’s why we’re compiling a series of Top 10 lists to shine the spotlight on some of the greatest of the greats in the history of the NBA.

NBA's Shortest and Tallest Players

It’s no question that NBA players range not only in skill, but in size. And while height may certainly pose a tall advantage when it comes to the game of basketball - it’s never held back the shortest of the league from awe-inspiring performance.

From as short as 5’3” all the way up to 7’7”, here are the incredible athletes who have made it to our All-Time Shortest and Tallest NBA Players lists!

The Shortest NBA Players in League History

These players may have been short in height, but they were never short on excellence.

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The Tallest NBA Players in League History

While height may not be a requirement for masterful performance, these players put their extra inches to great use.

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