Toronto Raptors Won’t Be Playing on Christmas Day

August 14, 2018 | CBN

Toronto Raptors Won’t Be Playing on Christmas Day

“Fundamentals of ratings” to blame?

Two days ago, the NBA released its complete 2018-2019 season game schedule – and we couldn’t help but notice Toronto missing from the Christmas Day games.

According to, the Christmas Day (December 25th) games will feature the below teams:

  • Bucks vs. Knicks | Noon ET | ESPN
  • Thunder vs. Rockets | 3 p.m. ET | ABC
  • Sixers vs. Celtics | 5:30 p.m. ET | ABC
  • Lakers vs. Warriors | 8 p.m. ET | ABC/ESPN
  • Trail Blazers vs. Jazz | 10:30 p.m. ET | ESPN

Taking a look at the Christmas schedule, it’s clear to see that Santa delivered with a wicked lineup of powerhouse teams and players. But sadly, Toronto fans won’t be getting what they - kindly, in true Canadian fashion - asked for. Any thoughts as to why that might be?

Former Raptor and NBA Legend JYD said “ I always played on Christmas with Vince Carter, the fans loved all the excitement that our Raptor team brought to the fans. If today’s players value playing on Christmas so much, they might want to engage the fans more. Excitement is the key to any sport.”

Published on August 8th to, radio guest Paul Jones also shared his thoughts on The Jeff Blair Show as to why he feels Toronto didn’t make the Christmas cut:

“Toronto fans don’t want to hear it”, but Paul attributes the Raps-free Christmas to, for one, the “fundamentals of ratings” – leading up to this hard truth: “Toronto still ranks 30th in fan interest south of the border. Pick a team, they’re in front of Toronto”. (Hear full commentary here

For sure, no Raptors fan would want to hear that – but the love runs strong in The North; so strong that any poor collective “interest ranking” ain’t nothin’ but a Timbit.


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