Let’s Talk NBA Trade Rumors

February 7, 2019 | CBN

The hot topic of the day: Who’s getting who?

NBA Trade

The 3 p.m. trade deadline today has been stirring up a lot of buzz.

It all began with the ballsy Anthony Davis trade request Monday morning, which was even enough to elicit a $50,000 fine to the NBA star for making the demand public.

However, it seems the Davis buzz has since simmered down and our focus is beginning to shift to other valuable players rumored to be on the table.

Earlier, sources were saying that Memphis Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol was rumored to land with the Charlotte Hornets - although Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN has commented that “there are still gaps needing to be bridged.”

Adrian was certainly right about that, as we’re just now learning that Gasol has joined the Toronto Raptors. Even Gasol himself didn’t see it coming, when Rick Bonnell tweeted that a close source of the star said he anticipated ending up with the Hornets.

Harrison Barnes, on the other hand, is joining the Sacramento Kings in another unexpected twist – after learning they had previously failed to get the 26-year-old on board.

Grizzlies guard Mike Conley was rumored (The Ringer) to be a prime target for both the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons. But according to the NBA’s website, multiple outlets reported recently that Conley is not keen on the idea of joining the Jazz – giving the Pistons the upper hand.

Stein reports that, despite Conley’s opposition, the Jazz will still aim to win Conley over.

Ricky Rubio, Derrick Favors and another first-round pick are also rumored to be in pursuit of Utah.

Still unclear on status of Davis

On Tuesday it was reported that the Lakers got quiet about their hopes to acquire Davis due to the Pelicans’ “outrageous” trade requests – but would re-consider the deal if New Orleans came back with a counter-proposal (which still has not happened).

Jerome Williams’s Thoughts on the NBA Trade

American former basketball player and revered fan-favorite Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams shares some thoughts on all of the trade talk and debates.

"Today’s NBA has gotten away from trades happening behind closed doors. Players are much more vocal about their futures which puts pressure on locker rooms, fans and organizations. The Lakers were the big losers in this years deadline. The Pelicans dealt them a huge blow by announcing what players had been offered for AD...smh. The Raptors were huge winners with Marc Gasol. This adds another AllStar to the roster while giving up good pieces in return. I call that a Win-Win!"

Well put.

The NBA trade deadline for this season - today at 3 p.m. Eastern time.


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