Has Harden Been Going too Hard for the Rockets?

January 18, 2019 | CBN

Has Harden Been Going too Hard for the Rockets?

Houston’s strong dependence on The Beard might come back to bite them

Any true basketball fan can see how James Harden has been making serious moves on the court lately.

In fact, he’s got quite an impressive overall streak with 17 30-point games, including a notable 112-94 win over the Grizzlies, where he contributed an astonishing 57 points. However, it is possible that the Rockets are currently relying too heavily on the 24-year old’s talents – so much so that the team’s long-term agility is seemingly unclear.

With CP3 not expected back for a while due to his injured hamstring, and fresh news that Clint Capela will be out for up to 6 weeks due to an injured right thumb – the Rockets are going to need Harden at his continued best.

But currently, Hardens “best” comes with an absence of team ethics – and can you blame him? Monday’s game saw James putting on a real one-man show, and we can only imagine this may lead to a burn-out sooner or later.

For Houston to make it to the NBA Finals, they’re going to need to preserve Harden’s abilities and pray for no more injuries. So until Paul makes his return, likely in a few weeks, we’ll be interested to see how everything plays out.


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