Lost, but Not Fazed by Wizards’ New Playing Scheme

April 24, 2018

After two tied games with the Washington Wizards, the Raptors struggled to make victory as they lost by ten points in Game 4 this past Sunday.

In Games 1 and 2, Raptors shot 22-for-42 from 3-point range, with the team possessing the postseason’s most efficient offense in conjunction with a 2-0 lead to the series – while the Wizards played out an aggressive strategy which did not get them any wins.

Fast-forward to Games 3 and 4; the Wizards did well to try something new and out of character by aiming to keep the ball in the hands of the Raptors during these consecutive plays. The players dropped back when the screener’s defender was center, and alternated pick-and-rolls when the screener’s defender was another guard/ forward.

But the Wizards’ new switching approach is seemingly nothing for Toronto to worry about.

“The switching is definitely changing things but we are still getting off of it,” Lowry remarks. “We are still getting in the paint. We are still driving, kicking and swinging. When they are making their runs and they are switching we still have to play our game. We still have to get one big down, play our offense.”

The Raptors were still in the lead by eight near the very end of Game 4, but it was the weak offense that gave the Wizards their chance to shine in transition and take the game. Will this be a lesson the Raps learn from?

Catch the Raptors vs. Wizards this Wednesday in Game 5.

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