Thunder’s Westbrook Has the Talent; Can Lose the Temper

April 24, 2018

Something we don’t often consider about our fiercest basketball athletes is their ability to strategize and make the right decisions on the court – with Westbrook being a fine example.

Raymond Felton fouled Rudy Gobert where it hurts the most as Westbrook was waiting to check in at the Jazz’s Game 4 win, and the both of them earned themselves technical fouls. Shortly after Westbrook’s check-in, a rather unnecessary altercation took place as Westbrook confronted Gobert; slapping his arm away.

Westbrook remained aggressive throughout the whole game, making four fouls in the initial half – which was enough to put him under investigation for a potential suspension. Needless to say; we just might be missing this fierce player in Game 5.

It appeared the Oklahoma City Thunder star was heated most by Utah’s Ricky Rubio in the previous game, but seemingly, Donovan Mitchell played as an even bigger Thunder threat.

Russell was quoted to say he was “gonna shut that s**t off next game” atfer Utah’s Game 3 victory (Royce Young of – which may have contributed to some of the game’s undeniable heat (or, who are we kidding, a whole lot of it).

When it comes to making quick, smart decisions in real-time – Westbrook’s skills may be lacking. He seems to have all the physical talent working for him, but does he possess the necessary smarts for a strong playoff showing – and more importantly, can he keep his cool on the court?

We’ll see, if he even makes it to Game 5 this Wednesday night.

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