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BioFlex Laser Treatment in Las Vegas

Learn About the BioFlex Laser Treatment from Game Changer Sports Recovery

Similar to the to the Theralight 360 Laser Bed that fosters entire body cell rejuvenation at once, GCSR’s BioFlex Laser fosters complete cell rejuvenation in specific areas of the body at a time.

To use the BioFlex Laser, athletes should apply the device to the specific area of the body requiring sports rehabilitation and health and wellness for 10-15 minutes to begin the local process of cell rejuvenation.

Aside from its cell rejuvenation benefits, GCSR’s BioFlex Laser is also excellent for increasing circulation, improving muscle performance and repairing damaged cells.

Bioflex Laser Las Vegas


Jerome JYD Williams, Pro Basketball Player (NBA):

“The Bioflex Laser definitely helped my impact performance. It’s the difference between a finger roll layup, and a tomahawk dunk. It’s so flexible - it doesn't just work on knees and back and shoulders. It does ankles, feet, face, thighs, hamstrings, calves - it really does it all.

After using Bioflex Laser, I actually re-signed and started back playing professional basketball after 12 years of retirement. I owe that to Bioflex Laser. That’s proof within itself that this machine really works.”


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