Athletes Rank This as a Top Recovery Treatment for Deep Thigh Injuries

Injured your thigh? Start resting, icing, compressing and elevating - and then, follow that with some laser therapy magic.

Recovery Treatment for Deep Thigh Injuries

One of the most common injuries basketball players suffer are deep thigh (contusion) injuries.

This type of injury often occurs when the thigh muscles are accidentally directly hit by an elbow or knee, or can be caused through a sudden movement through sprinting or jumping.

Depending on the severity of the thigh injury, recovery can be expected to take about 4-8 weeks.

Treating a Deep Thigh Injury

When it comes to treating a deep thigh injury, just like with many other common injuries in sports, it is recommended to promptly perform the R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) protocol before returning to full activity.

However, following treatment with R.I.C.E, physiotherapy with a trained specialist in conjunction with laser therapy can help to restore the thigh back to full strength and flexibility.

Why Laser Therapy is an Excellent Treatment for Thigh Injuries

Laser therapy has become one of the most popular methods of muscle tissue recovery from sports injuries for the modern pro and non-pro athlete. There’s no question about it: deep thigh injuries can be quite painful. Laser therapy helps to reduce this pain and inflammation through a process refereed to as photobiomodulation, where a very beneficial boost in cellular metabolism is achieved.

Athletes suffering from deep thigh injuries also want to recover as quickly as possible. With laser therapy, treatment is quick and highly effective. In fact, a treatment session as short as 10 minutes using Game Changers Sports Recovery’s Theralight 360 Laser Bed can kick-start an athlete’s thigh recovery, with long-term relief reported by its users after only a couple of therapy sessions.

Offering some of the best sports therapy in Las Vegas, the 360 Laser Bed promotes complete cell rejuvenation of the entire body while also woking to boost circulation, improve muscle performance, and increase energy levels. Learn about the Theralight 360 here.

Laser Therapy Goes Beyond Treatment of Thigh Injuries

Laser therapy can be used as a highly effective and customizable treatment method for all kinds of sports or basketball injuries ranging in severity. Not to mention, this treatment is highly accessible for any modern athlete and can even be purchased for use in the comfort of one’s home.

Will you be turning to laser therapy in the instance of of a thigh injury, or any sports injury for that matter? We highly recommend it - as athletes have not only experienced quick recovery with this treatment, but quick and long-term relief from pain.

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